Julie Hanson

Julie Hanson

Julie is owner of Chi & CO. the new home of “the Chi Yoga Centre” which moved to Pollokshields Glasgow after 10 years in its home at Peckhams in the city centre. She is also joint founder of the Chi Yoga School which has trained over 160 students over 8 Years . Now the Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training School.
Julie's early career was rooted in the fitness industry and running SPORT AID World in 85 was one of her personal career highlights and continued over the following two decades in all aspects of the health industry ,Finding a her passion of Yoga in 1995 .
Now some 30 years after her first fitness business business (“Physical”) her time is split between writing, teaching and training the odd celebrity with occasional TV and Radio appearances. She lectures throughout the UK and in Europe. Julie is passionately committed to introducing people to seasonal approach to life
She educates students and teachers alike to live life in line with nature, encouraging them to maximise their potential for health and fitness and achieve lifestyle and personal goals.

The energy in season DVD's are
a 15 minute daily workout ideal
for the Energy in season .
Available now are Winter for
using between (21 Dec-20 Mar)
and spring for using
(21 March - 20 June.).

These DVD's contain the
information on the ideal way
to exercise your body during
these seasons.

Along with her co-author Sue Woodd, Julie has published 'Energy in Season' 5 keys to vitality” which gives clear guidelines to living, eating and practicing Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi gung in line with nature and the Season. She lives in Glasgow with her two teenage children.



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